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Retro synth-pop duo Liquid Modern blends varied musical influences across decades into a modern take on the classic sounds of their predecessors through lead singer Kojette’s airy vocals and Thom’s eclectic production capabilities.  Purposely simple yet complex, their pop sound is widely approachable while it maintains an independent esoteric edge.
Liquid Modern’s debut album, Circle and Light, is a continuation of their ever-evolving sound which focuses this time on themes relating to maintaining individuality through the trials and tribulations of life in the modern world through their unique New Wave and Synthpop inspired sounds.
Kojette has been a lifelong musician taking voice and violin lessons in her youth.  While her work with Liquid Modern is her first time having her voice lent to recorded music, she has practiced for years to not only hone her voice but also to draw on her knowledge of music to create meaningful melodies and thoughtful lyrics.
Thom has been a musician since first taking piano lessons as a child.  This love of music later blossomed into a love of guitar and recording.  Through various indie and punk bands, he learned the basics of songwriting and music production beginning with his very first DAW, Cubase, in the early 2000s.  He has consistently tried to push boundaries with his layered compositions through jazz and retro styling.
The seeds of Liquid Modern were planted as far back as 1998 when Kojette and Thom dated in high school.  It was music that brought them together and music that brought them back together a decade later.  Thom has been a solo musician for years but that all changed when they decided to try working on a couple of songs together.  Beginning with reimagining a few 90s pop songs, they began to find their stride and became quite masterful at creating music together.
Liquid Modern has made a lot of headway in a relatively short amount of time with 5 single releases and their debut 5 track EP Autumnal Bliss which were all released within the span of their first 6 months as a duo.

Their trajectory has been steadily rising since their second release which was a reimagined version of Bobby Brown’s “On Our Own”.  This caused people to open their eyes and ears to the newcomers Liquid Modern as a bright spot in the music scene.    Of “On Our Own” Karl Magi writes, “This cover reshapes the Nu-Jack Swing style into something more modern but still ear-grabbing…The vocals are strongly expressive above the ethereal synths as they drift over the relentless beat. Bright, evolving synth flickers through and a minor key, melodic line glides over broken vocals.” 
However, it was the release of their debut EP Autumnal Bliss which caused people to really begin to understand what Liquid Modern was capable of.  The release is based around sounds and feelings associated with Autumn– the warmth and happiness that can be derived from walking through crunching leaves while feeling a crisp breeze in your face.  According to Luca Leonardi, Autumnal Bliss is “something fresh, almost child[like] but definitely happy, blowing away the tiredness and the stress from that moment and one thing you can bet is I loved that sensation”.  
Using this momentum as inspiration, they immediately began work on a 2022 full-length album titled Circle & Light which released on 13 May 2022.
“Liquid Modern is a joyful and fresh experience bound to bring some light into your life no matter the situation” -eLxAr Productions

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